Shadows of the Forest- Emma Michaels

I’m writing this as an update on my reading status in the book.

I’m really struggling to get through this one, guys. I work nights, and have been run off my feet since Christmas, and I can’t figure out if it’s actually a difficult book to read or if I’m just in the midst of a brain malfunctioning book slump, but my head gets so scattered when I try to read Shadows of the Forest, that I just know I’m going to have to read it again to be able to write a decent and coherent review. I wouldn’t do this otherwise, but it isn’t fair on you readers or the author of this work for me to do a half-assed, scattered review on a book that could potentially be great if I could wrap my mind around it.

I’m pretty excited about getting through it and doing a re-read, because what I’m getting so far is pretty intense and awesome. I’m aiming to finish it and re-read, and get my review up, by the end of this week. I’ve been trying my best to meet the deadline, but it honestly doesn’t look like I will be able to finish and make sense of it before then.

My thoughts so far: Japanese mythology. Amazing. I love a good anime, and this one is giving me Hotarubi no Mori e (or “To the Forest of Firefly Lights”) vibes, but if this book ends like that I will probably bawl my eyeballs out. I’ve long been a huge fan of anime involving Japanese spirits (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke etc) and am SO excited to be popping my official fantasy novel cherry in that genre. Hopefully my excitement will kick-start my brain into gear, and I can get this one finished asap. Little bit put off by some reviews I have read of the book (and it’s Goodreads rating), but willing to push on and draw my own conclusions. 

I’m sorry about the delay, friends, I wouldn’t do this to you unless I had good reason. Rest assured that I’ll be reading my little saffa butt off to get this to you pronto ❤


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