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Fantasy of Freedom RELEASE DAY!

Happy 4th book birthday Tainted Accords! 

So, originally I had a video review planned, but due to my utter lack of technological know-how, I am now unable to do that (YET) because my laptop has dumbed out. 

To meet my need to post SOMETHING review related for this incredible series (and also because I promised Kelly St. Clare- the author- that it would be up), I have decided to do a written review for the time being. As soon as I get the gadgets figured out, I’ll do a more in depth review of the entire series, with a few bonus extras courtesy of Kelly. Sorry to tease you, I’ll do some googling and get it fixed ASAP.

*I received an advanced copy of this book for review purposes. As always, my review is honest. *


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Fantasy of Freedom is the last book in the Tainted Accords, and is a great end to a wonderful series. Without giving too much away, this book follows Olina and Jovan as they declare war on Osolis and decide to take the army to them. I found it fitting that the majority of the final book takes place where it all began, and it really shows how far Olina has come since she was first taken to Glacium.

I really appreciated that all of the questions and mysteries that were raised in the first 3 books reached a conclusion in this final instalment, although I was slightly disappointed that all of the reveals seemed to happen at about the same time in the book (near the end). However, the way it was written in, everything coming to a close in the middle of a full on war, kinda works, so I can forgive the clumped-ness. I’m also pretty wrecked that we don’t find out who Olandon’s lady lover is, although I know that Kelly is writing stories from a few of the other characters’ POVs, and have it on good authority that Olandon’s will be amongst it. So I suppose I can wait for that bit of goss.

What I LOVED (apart from the love story, because duuuh, that’s my fave), was that we actually got a look into WHY Olina’s mother, Tatum Avanna, was the way she was. She still did awful things, sure, and she was a bad lady, but we get a bit of an insight into what happened to make her that way. I ended the books with mixed feelings of pity, anger and love towards her. I may also have shed a tear.

This book ended the way I love books to end. Without cliff hangers. I kid, although Kelly is notoriously ruthless with the old cliff hangeroo. There was a bittersweet tone to this ending. Yeah, there was a (cheesy) HEA, but there was also so much that was lost, so many who died and so many relationships that would never be the same afterwards.

I adored this series and highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different to feast your eyes upon (mmm, trust me, you won’t regret reading about the broody hubba-hubba that is King Jovan).

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