Romeo Spikes (Lo’Life #1)- Joanne Reay

Female Heroines woman Supernatural  magic    Kick-assery man-practicing-martial-arts

My Rating   people-6

Rated 3.4 on Goodreads


Working the Homicide squad, Alexis Bianco believes she’s seen every way a life can be taken. Then she meets the mysterious Lola and finds out she’s wrong. More weapon than woman, Lola pursues a predator with a method of murder like no other.

The Tormenta.

If you think you’ve never encountered Tormenta, think again. You’re friends with one. Have worked for one. Maybe even fallen in love with one.

They walk amongst us—looking like us, talking like us. Coercing our subconscious with their actions.

Like the long-legged beauty that seduces the goofy geek only to break his heart, causing him to break his own neck in a noose. Or the rockstar, whose every song celebrates self-harm, inspiring his devoted fans to press knives to their own throats. The pusher who urges the addict toward one more hit, bringing him a high from which he’ll never come down. The tyrannical boss, crushing an assistant’s spirit until a bridge jump brings her low.

We call it a suicide. Tormenta call it a score, their demonic powers allowing them to siphon off the unspent lifespan of those who harm themselves.

To Bianco, being a cop is about right and wrong. Working with Lola is about this world and the next…and maybe the one after that. Because everything is about to change. The coming of a mighty Tormenta is prophesied, a dark messiah known as the Mosca.

To stop him, Bianco and Lola must fight their way through a cryptic web of secret societies and powerful legends to crack an ancient code that holds the only answer to the Mosca’s defeat. If this miscreant rises before they can unmask him, darkness will reign, and mankind will fall in a storm of suicides.

Nobody’s safe. Everyone’s a threat.


Okay, so this one was tough. I found this one really hard to read. The story was all over the place, each chapter from a different person’s POV, sometimes  even switching mid chapter. It was confusing, and hard to get into, and more than once I had to force myself to continue reading. I counted how many different characters’ POVs there were, and I got to 30 before I got bored and gave up. By the middle of book 2, it had only had 3 chapters with the main characters in them, which was really disappointing.

To be fair, the story started coming together towards the end, but then it went all crazy again and by the time I finished the book, I was confused and missing bits and pieces again.

The story itself was okay, I found the concept of the Tormenta interesting- demons who torment miserable humans and push them to suicide, then steal their life force to lengthen their own- but I didn’t get into it like I would’ve had the writing been more to my liking.

I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re anything like me who tends to get distracted (very) easily. However, if you’re into being blindsided until the very end, then give it a go.

Romeo Spikes
Author: Melissa A. Craven
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 14th August 2012
Pages: 416
ISBN: 1451674449

Buy the book here or here


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