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Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

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In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an eighteen-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She is a trained assassin, the best of her kind., but she made a fatal mistake. She got caught.

Young Captain Westfall offers her a deal: her freedom in return for one huge sacrifice. Celaena must represent the prince in a to-the-death tournament – fighting the most gifted thieves and assassins in the land. Live or die, Celaena will be free. Win or lose, she is about to discover her true destiny.
But will her assassins heart be melted?

I LOVED this book. It was perfect parts of ass-kicking violence, gooey love and suspense.

The story starts of in Endovier, the salt mines in which Celaena is serving a life sentence, with Celaena being escorted by a mysterious stranger, Chaol Westfall – Captain of the Royal Guard – to what she assumes is her demise. Chaol brings her before the Prince, they give her her options – become the Prince’s Champion and win her freedom or die in the mines – and the rest, as they say, is history.

“…[her face] was haggard: her cheekbones were sharp, her jaw pronounced, and her eyes slightly, but ever so disturbingly, sunken in.She took steadying breaths, savoring the hope. She’d eat. A lot. And exercise. She could be healthy again.”

But soon Champions start showing up disembowelled, and the ghost of a long-dead Queen warns her of an evil in the castle, with all signs pointing to Cain, a fellow Champion, and the King, whose very presence makes her shake. With random flashes from a past that Celaena struggles to hide, and the mystery of how she was betrayed, I found this book incredibly enjoyable, if a little frustrating at times.

The characters were well written and complex, especially Celaena. As soon as one layer of her story is revealed, you can tell there are about a bajillion more. This can get frustrating at times, especially when she hints at so many things and none are answered. You finish this book with a hundred questions and dive into the second novel in search of answers (which I can promise you, there are). Celaena can also be pretty petty, which grinded my gears more than a few times. She complains and she gets jealous and can be incredibly vain. But she also takes care of her friends, albeit in a more violent fashion than usual, and I think I’d be more disappointed if she was perfect in every way. She’s human, she’s allowed some flaws.

Set in a world of conquered, magic-stripped lands ruled over by a ruthless king who will stop at nothing to destroy everything.

I found Throne of Glass really easy to read. I didn’t put it down once and finished in a few hours. I also became incredibly emotionally invested in the story- I laughed, I cried, I fell in love and screeched when things started happening with the wrong guy (I’m not kidding, my poor boyfriend had to put up with my complaining all night).

Overall, I would recommend checking out this book; especially if you love a female character, magic and fantasy, mystery and a good ol’ love triangle.

Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date: 2012
Pages: 422
ISBN: 1599906953

Available for purchase here
Kindle edition here

Featured image here


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